The Show


“The Share” is a half-hour post-recession sitcom. Set in Crown Heights, Brooklyn, it follows a group of twenty and thirty-somethings pursuing their dreams and finding a wealthy soul mate all while sharing a bathroom with five roommates.

When NATHAN, laid off from Lehman Brothers four years ago, flirts with the magician’s assistant, MONA at an open mike night at a bar in Crown Heights, his life is forever changed… Suddenly he’s sleeping on her couch for $600 a month and has four other roommates: MONA, the magician’s assistant/entrepreneur who has the hots for him, THEA the exercising lesbian, JUSTINE, the Filipino actress always cast as the wrong race, and LINCOLN, the African American artist who only has enough funds to live in the closet. Caught between his ex-wife AMY and MADELEINE, the new woman he wants who is someone else’s fiancé, Nathan must find a way to make the most of his life with too many roommates and not enough money.

Written & Created by Emily Chadick Weiss

Directed by Christina Roussos


The Roommates

Steven Boyer as NATHAN – a former Lehman Brothers Trader looking for his next apartment after a bad break-up and his next stint as a fireman or accountant or horse whisperer…

Lucy Devito as MONA – a freelance magician’s assistant who makes most of her money by overcharging her roommates to live in the apartment her parents bought her. She’s got the hots for Nathan and knows one day he’ll come around. Mona is a cat lover but tragically allergic to cats.

William Jackson Harper as LINCOLN – a perpetually frustrated visual artist who wants to be paid for his work, for his work to be understood, and to get with his roommate Justine. Lincoln sleeps in a closet.

Maureen Sebastian as JUSTINE – a Filipino actress who’s always cast as the wrong race when she is cast. Justine is always in search of a rich husband even if she kind of likes her poor artist roommate, Lincoln.

Katie Kreisler as THEA – an entrepreneurial lesbian who is always hatching new ideas for how to stay fit while eating everything in sight for her webseries “Work It Off with Thea Sabonelli.” Thea wants to be in a committed relationship with a baby yesterday.

The People who are often in their apartment even though it’s already overcrowded

Robert Askins as STU – Mona’s brother who mooches off Mona, can make a mean smoothie, and despite being unemployed and out of shape, manages to get all the ladies.

Julie Fitzpatrick as MADELEINE – A beautiful teacher who can’t stand her students. Nathan falls in love with her instantly.

Scott Sowers as FRITZ – Crunchy, self-righteous, and middle-aged, Fritz thinks he’s better at saving the world than anyone else, especially because he’s the founder of the “Save the Chickens Jog.” Fritz is Madeleine’s fiancé.

Megan Tusing as AMY – Nathan’s spitfire ex-wife who manages a restaurant and is always pissed about something.

Lance Rubin as TODD – Justine’s current rich boy-toy, but who knows if he’ll last or what secrets he’s hiding.