Writing for Virtual Reality Ghost Speed Dating



Emily Chadick Weiss, the the creator of The Share, has booked her first virtual reality writing gig for GHOSTED, a ghost speed dating experience at the North Bend Film Festival in August 2019. The ghost she has written for is none other than her boo, Steven Boyer aka Nathan in “The Share”. The festival takes place in North Bend, Washington, the site of the original Twin Peaks. 

Ghosted Augmented Reality World Premiere Produced by: Allyson Morgan, Kevin Laibson Agile Lens: Immersive Design  Lead AR Developer: Alex Coulombe.  Have you ever felt completely alone in the dating world? Sometimes it feels like one big purgatory waiting for the “one” to arrive. Now try dating…a ghost. In GHOSTED, a world premiere interactive Augmented Reality experience utilizing the Magic Leap One headset, you’ll go on ten minutes of speed dating with partners who can’t see or hear you – or at least, they’ll pretend not to. They want to talk to you about their hobbies, work, blah blah blah ghost stuff, but more importantly, they have one minute to convince you to take them BACK.  

Writers include: Nicco Aeed, Nick Carrill, Josh Conkel, Lucy Cottrell, JW Crump, Lucas Hazlett, Jake Keefe, Caroline McGraw, Allyson Morgan, Greg Moss, Tamsi New, Sarah Nowak, Alex Song, Amy Staats, Marina Tempelsman, Mark Vigeant, Robin Virginie and Emily Chadick Weiss

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